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I'm bringing this comm back to life! My goal's gonna be one post a month now. >:D Wish me luck~

41 icons total
:10 xenosaga
:6 final fantasy
:29 misc
.hyeng tae kim
.honey and clover
.chrono cross
.silent hill

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: watch me as I walk in slowly

:11 final fantasy
:7 chrono cross
:2 chobits
:4 nana
:1 xxxholic
:2 yaoi illustrations (G rated)
:2 tsubasa resevoir chronicles
:4 hyeng tae kim
:1 bleach
:1 yotsuba

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Xeno Graphics Only

All Xenosaga post. More diverse than usually though! Please note though, some things are repeats, but not many.

Remember those "C's" and the "E" Comment, credit, enjoy!

Icons/Icon Stuff
- 19 100x100
- 4 50x50
- 15 80x80 Bases

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Other Stuff
- 2 KOSMOS Wallpapers
- 2 Transparent PNGs

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